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Date/Version Name Description
9/5/2009 Ver. 6.5/7.0 Trend Micro Housecall Detects and cleans your computer of possible infection by viruses, spyware, or other malware remotely. Installs scanning plugin with most browsers.  
9/5/2009 Ver. 1.40 Malwarebytes Anti-Spyware Powerful security solution to detect and remove malware from your computer. Simply download, install, and run.
9/6/2009 Ver. 2.0.2 Trend Micro Hijack This! Excellent tool to analyze your system for malware components and ADS. Hijack This is not intended for the beginner, use with caution.
10/22/2009 Ver. 9.56 Sysinternals AutoRuns Shows currently running executables and all registry and file system locations set to start automatically on boot. Entries may be deleted, use with caution.
9/6/2009 Ver. 11.33 Sysinternals Process Explorer Analyzes running processes, thread stacks, reveals inbound/outbound TCP/IP connections owned by running executables. Very useful in finding malware and system errors. 
9/6/2009 Ver. 2.6 Sysinternals Process Monitor Advanced monitoring tool that shows real-time file system, registry, and process activity. Provides in-depth analysis of running processes, thread stacks, status codes, and kernel-mode and DLL device driver loads.
9/6/2009 Ver. RC1 Codeplex Svchost Viewer Small analysis tool that enumerates and analyzes all running instances of svchost.exe. Provides an explanation of each service running under each svchost.exe, useful in finding malicious components running as a system service. Requires the .NET 2.0 Framework.
10/14/2009 Ver. 1.0.5 WinSecurityGate (via Google Translate) Blocks critical system functions from being attacked by malicious code. One executable file that loads a security driver based upon your configuration. Completely configurable, lightweight app; useful for systems on which anti-malware software cannot be installed.

System Performance

Date Title Description
9/6/2009 Ver. 4.1.2 MyDefrag Previously known as jkDefrag, MyDefrag defragments and optimizes your disks. Not compatible with FAT32 file systems.
9/11/2009 Ver. 1.01 ADRC Hard Disk Checker Free portable disk utility that checks the health of all magnetic media for bad sectors. Scans a specific partition or an entire hard drive.
10/14/2009 Ver. 0.8.2 DupKiller Lightweight utility, effective in locating and removing duplicate files. This program will find all duplicates, and is not intended for the beginner.

Links and Resources

Date/Version Name Description
9/8/2009 Great resource for CSS layouts!
9/8/2009 Troubleshoot network issues, quickly find and fix suspected problems.
9/8/2009 Ultimate resource for hard-to-find, older versions of software.
9/8/2009 COSI (Cisco-centric Open Source Community) Open Source community for Cisco developers to publish, discuss and release their open source tools, scripts and utilities for managing or operating Cisco network equipment
9/8/2009 SANS Infosec Reading Room Over 1,791 original computer Infosec white papers in 73 different categories. Most topics updated regularly.
10/9/2009 Windows 7 Logon Background Changer FOSS application that lets you change your Windows 7 logon screen, without modifying any system files. HD-rated graphics card highly recommended for optimal performance.
10/10/2009 Web Of Trust Internet Security Extremely lightweight Internet Security add-on for your browser that warns you before going to a potentially malicious website. A must have for a layered security approach against online threats. Compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and now, Google Chrome Development Edition.
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